Grow talent with Salesforce

Bonsai Skills is the Salesforce partner for the staffing & recruitment industry. The full-service approach of our experts relieves organizations and allows for sustainable growth.

Sow success with Salesforce

As is the case in any industry, in the staffing & recruitment industry , if you want to get ahead, you need to focus on digitisation.

Our approach? Everything starts with the roots: Salesforce. this powerful platform is the basis on which we build. Many staffing companies opt for an ATS and mid- or back office solution built on Salesforce - and Bonsai Skills helps them every step of the way.

When the roots have been laid, we'll look in which direction you want to grow the branches of your company. After a thorough process and business analysis we implement and integrate the right tools and applications bespoke to your organisation.

Finally, we ensure that your company can continue to grow. Just like a bonsai tree needs constant care, Bonsai Skills helps you in maintaining and optimizing your Salesforce application mix. We commit to long-term collaborations. Through our managed services, we ensure that your Salesforce architecture and applications can continue to grow healthily.

On two levels

Our services

Want to grow a new Salesforce environment? Then you can count on our consulting offering.

Here we start with a well-thought-out architecture and pragmatic implementation approach. Throughout the entire project we guarantee expertise in the field of business analysis, truly independent ATS selection advice, project and change management.

For the management and further development of your Salesforce environment you can rely on our managed services.


We recommend the best Salesforce solution based on industry best practices and your specific processes.

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We turn your business goals into a clear roadmap, user stories and functional requirements. This becomes the basis for a thoughtful and sustainable solution mix of Salesforce native apps and Talent/ATS applications. As one of the only fully independent consulting parties in the market, we can recommend the most appropriate application for your staffing & recruitment needs on the Salesforce platform. Years of functional experience with staffing & recruitment processes combined with in-depth technical Salesforce expertise guarantees a successful digital project.

A Salesforce-architecture set up to scale in the long-term? Check.

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Salesforce offers unlimited possibilities, but without the right architecture, best practices, and guidelines, things can become complicated very quickly. That is why every consulting project for us starts from a clear (construction) plan with training for end users and system administrators. This way, you can be sure that your Salesforce environment remains sustainably maintainable and scalable in the long term.

The System Administrator, the critical success factor

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A good system administrator is worth its weight in gold. That's why we help you find and/or train the right person. This way, you ensure that your Salesforce environment is always in capable hands and that your team can take advantage of all the opportunities that the platform offers.

Managed services

Your Salesforce environment is always clean and up to date thanks to our ongoing advice.

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The Salesforce platform and Talent ISVs are rapidly evolving . No worries: thanks to our advice, we ensure that your integrations and licensing mix are up to date with the best and most innovative technology. This way, you can be sure of your long-term success in the staffing & recruitment industry.

Sustainable development with the right architecture.

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We monitor your Salesforce architecture and ensure that everything works smoothly and efficiently. With our tools, we monitor every change in real-time and provide technical maintenance that is in line with the highest Salesforce standards.

Overwhelmed as a Salesforce System Administrator? Bonsai Skills is happy to (temporarily) take over administration.

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For customers who need it, we take on the role of system administrator. We offer expertise tailored to your business, with a focus on user management, data management, release management, training, bug and feature request processing, continuous improvement...

On your existing setup

Building with Salesforce

Are you already using Native Salesforce apps? Bonsai ensures that ATS ISV solutions, such as ByNer, Bullhorn, MySolution, Employee, Tigris, and Seven20, build on your existing setup. With AppExchange apps, we can personalize Salesforce even more to your specific requirements.

Marketing Cloud

Automate and personalize all touchpoints with candidates and customers, from the first contact to after conversion and the next talent journey.

Sales Cloud

Get your sales team to work more efficiently with lead qualification & nurturing, opportunity valuation and closing deals.

Cloud Service

Get access to comprehensive business data and make use of omni-support channels so you always comply with all Service Level Agreements.

Experience Cloud

Connect seamlessly with customers and candidates so you can quickly respond to recruitment requests with the right profiles.

Score with your setup

Building with Salesforce

Are you new to the Salesforce world? Are you already using a standard Salesforce app? Or have you already set up most of your processes on the platform, but now you want to add new integrations or get your existing configuration cleverly revised? Bonsai Skills has the experience and expertise to ensure a Salesforce architecture that perfectly fits your unique processes. We know the way of working within the staffing & recruitment industry thoroughly, and can therefore easily translate them into appropriate Salesforce solutions.


Salesforce has become the platform of choice for applications used in the staffing & recruitment industry. In addition to classic ATS features, many of these applications offer a whole suite of front, mid and back office functionalities.

Salesforce native clouds

Salesforce has built a number own applications on its platform that focus on specific functional areas. We are happy to show you personally how Salescloud, Service Cloud, Account Engagement, Experience cloud and Data cloud can be optimally deployed within the Staffing and Recruitment industry.


The Salesforce platform is the basis of your digital assets. It offers a secure and stable database, a modern and intuitive user interface framework, all possibilities to add process automation and custom app development in no-code or pro-code, 3 immense releases per year,... Should we continue?

Staffing & Recruitment

Bonsai Skills is the Salesforce partner for the staffing & recruitment industry


In the world of staffing (temporary workers, secondment, project sourcing, freelance mediation), a well-managed Salesforce database is key to finding the perfect match quickly. By investing in constant candidate/customer nurturing, your database stays up to date and your organization is ready for the next opportunity.


For professionals in recruitment & selection, headhunting, and executive search, Salesforce takes candidate intimacy to the next level. By making use of smart logic and workflows, you ensure purposeful and effective communication with both active and latent-seeking talent.

HR Service Providers

Whether you're offering assessments, career advice or outplacement, organizing training and coaching, or using your own process, on the Salesforce platform, you can build customized workflows for each process without losing the power of a central database.

Agencies & consultants

For agencies and consultants, the Salesforce platform offers a wealth of PSA solutions. Everything is easy to manage within Salesforce, from detailed project and resource planning or estimates & forecasts to time tracking, (reversed) billing and invoicing.

“Bonsai Skills has supported our Calco IT team for 9 months with unique expertise and building internal Salesforce capabilities. Karel switches smoothly between various stakeholders, from training junior team members to coordinating with managers and external parties. Bonsai Skills is a pleasant partner, always available and responsive.”

Frank Sieben


“Bonsai Skills understands the niche business of executive search, assessment centers and outplacements and makes sure all these business units have the rights tools available to them on the Salesforce platform.”

Andy Gruyaert

Digital Project Manager

“It's reassuring to know we can count on Bonsai Skills either when we need some temporary extra Salesforce hands-on expertise but also as a digital partner and challenger to our digital roadmap. Because they truly understand both our business and our technology stack, we value their advice in our decision making.”

Marlot Peeters

Nexus office operations manager

“It's great to have a partner that actually knows your business processes and is with you along the way to improve and adapt your Salesforce setup as you grow your business.”

Anne-Sophie Bossuyt

Managing Partner

Bonsai Skills

Do you have the right skills for Bonsai Skills?

Bonsai Skills works with an internal and external network of qualified experts. For us, delivering the perfect solution for every Salesforce issue is key. Do you believe in our story and want to help our clients grow in staffing & recruitment? Reach out and maybe you'll soon be our newest employee, freelancer or partner!